Vice President - Treasury

Winnipeg, Manitoba
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Job Description:

• Treasury Operations: Oversee day-to-day treasury operations, which may include managing
cash balances, processing payments, executing foreign exchange transactions, and
administering debt and investment portfolios.
• Risk Management: Identify and assess financial risks faced by the organization, such as
interest rate risk, foreign exchange risk, credit risk, and liquidity risk. Developing and
implementing risk mitigation strategies, including hedging and insurance, to protect the
company's financial position.
• Capital Structure Management: Collaborate with other executives to determine the optimal
capital structure for the organization, balancing debt and equity financing to achieve
financial goals and minimize costs. Manage debt issuance, refinancing, and capital-raising
• Cash Management: Develop and implement cash management strategies to ensure
adequate liquidity for the organization's operations. This involves forecasting cash flows,
monitoring cash positions, and managing banking relationships.
• Fixed Asset Management Strategy: Develop and implement a strategic plan for the
acquisition, utilization, maintenance, and disposal of fixed assets. Aligning the fixed asset
management strategy with the organization's goals, budgetary constraints, and operational
• Capital Markets Strategy: Collaborate with senior leadership to develop and execute the
company's capital markets strategy. Assisting in capital raising activities, such as initial
public offerings (IPOs), secondary offerings, debt issuances, and share buybacks.
Evaluating and recommending appropriate financing options.
• Asset Acquisition and Investment Analysis: Collaborate with other departments, such as
Operations and Procurement, to assess the need for new fixed assets and evaluate
investment opportunities. Conducting financial analysis, cost-benefit assessments, and
return on investment (ROI) calculations to support decision-making.
• Capital Budgeting and Planning: Participate in the development of the organization's capital
budget and long-term investment plans. Providing input and recommendations on the
allocation of resources for acquiring, upgrading, or replacing fixed assets.
• Asset Tracking and Accounting: Establishing and maintaining systems and processes for
accurate and up-to-date tracking of fixed assets. Implementing asset tagging or identification
methods to ensure proper asset control and inventory management. Ensuring compliance
with accounting standards and regulatory requirements for fixed asset reporting.
• Depreciation and Asset Valuation: Overseeing the depreciation calculations and methods
used for fixed assets. Collaborate with the Controller organization to ensure accurate and
timely asset depreciation and adjustments recording. Managing the valuation of fixed
assets, including periodic appraisals or impairment assessments as required.

• Asset Disposal and Surplus Management: Establish policies and procedures for properly
disposing or selling obsolete or surplus fixed assets. Ensuring compliance with applicable
regulations and environmental standards for asset disposal. Exploring opportunities for
asset redeployment or resale to maximize value and minimize waste.
• Compliance and Risk Management: Ensure compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and
internal policies related to fixed asset management, such as tax regulations or
environmental regulations. Identify and mitigate risks associated with fixed assets, such as
safety hazards, insurance coverage, or regulatory non-compliance.
• Reporting and Communication: Providing regular reports and updates to senior
management and other stakeholders on fixed asset management activities, including asset
performance, financial metrics, and key performance indicators (KPIs). Collaborating with
finance and accounting teams to prepare financial statements and disclosures related to
fixed assets.
• Financial Planning and Analysis: Working closely with the FP&A team to develop long-term
financial plans, budgeting, and forecasting. Provide analysis and recommendations on
treasury-related matters to support strategic decision-making.
• Compliance and Regulatory Oversight: Ensure compliance with relevant financial
regulations and reporting requirements. Stay up to date with changing regulatory
frameworks and industry best practices.
• Team Leadership: Manage a team of treasury professionals, managers, and directors
providing guidance, and fostering their professional development. Building and maintaining
strong relationships with internal stakeholders and external partners.

• Bachelor's degree in business administration, finance, or related field required; MBA
• 15+ Years in increasingly responsible roles in Finance & Treasury in high volume, multi-site
retail or service organization
• 5+ Years' experience leading teams of Managers and Directors
• Ability to work in a fast-paced changing industry.
• Excellent written and oral skills, both in presentation and development of materials; ability to
present and influence credibly at all levels in an organization.
• Excellent computer skills including experience utilizing Workday Finance; strong knowledge
of Microsoft Office (including Excel and PowerPoint)
• Ability to build relationships and influence at all levels of the organization.